Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why a Dyson is a Necessity

Busted! Oliver at the scene of the crime.

When I first heard about Dyson vaccuum cleaners, I thought that they looked cool on the commercials, but couldn't begin to imagine paying hundreds for a vaccuum.  We've owned our Dyson Animal vaccuum for about two years, and I have to say that it is one of the most amazing things in which we've invested.

Case in point:  On Thursday, one our cats, Oliver, decided to pull a plant off of a table onto the carpet;  a plant that I'd just watered.  As I repotted my poor aloe vera, which was completely laying on the ground out of the pot, I began to ponder how I was ever going to get what was basically mud off the carpet.  I thought about the amount of grime I'd seen the Dyson pull from the carpet over the past couple of years and wondered if it could do this job alone or if I was going to have to break out the steam cleaner. 

I waited for the soil to dry (you shouldn't ever vaccuum up things that are wet).  And then plugged in my beast of a vaccuum cleaner.  I ran it over the spot about 10 times, and all the dirt was completely gone!

Obviously not worried about the consequences, Oliver tries to pull another plant down onto the newly cleaned carpet. 

Even though I knew it was good, I really didn't know that it was THAT good.  Yay Dyson!

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