Wednesday, September 8, 2010

These guys accidentally caught a sting ray...

I was sitting out on our balcony, and noticed a couple of guys out fishing.  I saw one guy catch something, and then I could tell my their reactions after he reeled it in, that it wasn't quite what they expected.  I grabbed my 300mm zoom lens to see what they had.  It was a sting ray.
They were able to get the hook out, and then tried to get it to swim back into the water.  It was crazy looking, because in the shallow water, it would try to flap it's fins (or whatever they're called), but it just kicked up sand.  After several unsuccessful attempts...
One guy pushed it with the fishing rod and the other guy pulled it by the tail. A big wave came up, and the sting ray was able to swim back into the ocean. Yay!

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